40,000 applications for the PA ‘job of a lifetime’

Over 40,000 people have applied for the PA ‘job of a lifetime’, after 26-year-old self made millionaire Matthew Lepre posted a now viral job listing earlier this year.

The listing reads like the script of an episode of ‘The Bachelor’. Lepre offers a $52,000 salary to help manage his ventures while living a luxurious lifestyle, with frequent trips around the world and complimentary nights at five star hotels. Originally from Sydney, the entrepreneur dropped out of university and started an e-commerce business, now earning him a tidy $120,000 per month.

Despite the reasonably low salary, Lepre’s ‘work hard, play harder’ philosophy has clearly appealed to people looking to escape the daily grind, with a significant chunk of applicants being millennials.

However, the job isn’t all glitz and glam, it requires a strong work ethic, social media expertise and much more. But planned trips to Croatia, Miami, Spain and Greece make the position hotly contested.