4 business podcast recommendations

Need something to kill time on the commute? Check out these business podcasts!

If you’re doing a lot of commuting to and from the office or need some time to switch off after a day of remote working but still want to listen to something with substance, these 4 podcasts come highly recommended. How I Work hosted by Dr Amantha Imber (regular Chief of Staff contributor) is a podcast series of interviews with a range leaders and experts. Dr Imber chats with her interviewees about their routines, strategies and rituals and leaves listeners with a bank of work hacks to implement.

Next up, listen to This Working Life. This podcast is hosted by CEO of management consultancy 010 APAC Lisa Leong. Lisa’s podcast aims to highlight the “sunshine and humanity in the world of work”. The podcast features a range of experts in a variety of fields like mathematics or classical music or HR. Lisa talks about how they work as well as showcasing their individual fields.

The Happiness Lab is hosted by Dr Laurie Santos, a cognitive scientist and professor of psychology at Yale. The podcast uses “research-backed commentary that opens your eyes to the intersection between science and wellbeing”. Dr Santos interviews leading academics to uncover insights about human behaviour and each episode provides the listener with helpful resources to better manage their personal wellbeing.

Lastly, give How’s work? With Esther Perel a listen if you want to be taken on an emotional journey. Host Esther Perel is a psychotherapist and relationship counsellor conducts therapy sessions with co-workers, co-founders, and colleagues. Perel’s philosophy is that work relationships affect our life just as much as personal ones do, yet when it comes to toxic relationships in the office, people usually try to live with it in instead of fixing it. Esther’s goal is to use the podcast to change this attitude.