Dates Released: Executive PA Summits 2024

Executive PA Media has released the 2024 dates for the Executive PA Summits. The success of these events comes down to one-on-one matched meetings in a space that feels inviting and not overwhelming. Each Summit hosts a myriad of Keynote Speakers on a variety of topics, relating to professional development…

Brisbane Event Organisers & Executive PA Summit 27 March 2024
Melbourne Executive PA Summit 23 May 2024
Sydney Executive PA Summit 25 July 2024 
Perth Event Organisers & Executive PA Summit 10 September 2024

The Executive PA Summits are attended by qualifying delegates from a variety of industries. The Summit is a single, full-day event and free to attend. Accepting applications now.


“Have already recommended the event to colleagues”

“I always enjoy the networking side and I have come away with a few key supplier contacts that I will be in touch with.”

“It thought it was really well organised and I really loved the one on one meetings with the suppliers. You get to really interact and create meaningful relationships. I thought the amount of people was great, not too big and not to small. It was a very well organised event. thanks so much to all the Executive PA Media”

“These summits are great to connect with Suppliers that you may not end up finding/meeting without attending these forums.”