10 Seconds of Courage

How to recognise and embrace those life-changing moments
10 Seconds of Courage by Nadine Champion

Being at a crossroads in my life, I saw 10 Seconds of Courage as a resource to give me insights to make the decisions easier and it exceeded my expectations.

It’s a book of Nadine Champion’s journey from tomboy to Sensei; one woman’s journey where she gets knocked down a lot but always finds the courage needed to pick herself back up and carry on. It really is inspirational and thought-provoking, and highlights some great moments that come as direct result of self-reflection and hard work.

It’s written in a conversational style, like you’re listening to good friend. It was easy to get through and I was marking pages in every ‘round’ because of its helpful insights.

As an EA, there were a few main takeaways. “Often the only thing you can control in a hard situation is your reaction to it” on page 116 – we don’t always know what stumbling block our organisation, boss or even we will face but, as professionals we can choose to react in a considered way. Rushing in and making assumptions won’t help the situation, but research and preparation just might.

I like the idea that I am the change. In other management and professional development readings they explain the theory and how it should work. But Nadine demonstrates how her lessons changed her life – and they’re relatable. We all have bad days but seeing how someone else has grown by learning their thought processes (good and bad) makes it seem achievable.

I’d definitely recommend the book to other EAs. Not if you are looking for a management book to explain how to get the most out of your teams or manage deadlines, but if you’re looking at examining your own life personally and professionally to make meaningful changes. It’ll show you how limiting thoughts can be and offer insight into the success possible when you change your thinking.

Mary is EA to the director of shire infrastructure at Southern Grampians Shire Council.

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